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A Sweet, Unique, Made-In-Caledon Gift!

Brian Moreau with Wines
Written by Shelly Sargent

The Spirit of Giving

Downey’s Estate Winery makes a sweet Christmas gift!

Whether you’ve been invited to Christmas parties over the holiday season and aren’t sure what to take as a hostess gift, or you are looking for something local, unique and delicious to serve your own dinner guests this year, you may want to make a visit to Downey’s Estate Winery on Heart Lake Road in Caledon.

Shelves of wineThe winery’s public wine shop and tasting bar is located at the front of the Farm Market, and houses a large selection of the local winery’s award-winning fruit wines. From dry table wines to sweet and delicious iced wines, from seasonally appropriate Cranberry Ice to Elderberry Port or Raspberry Ice, there’s a delicious Downey’s wine for every palate.

Downey’s Farm Market has been owned and operated by John and Ruth Downey and their family for 25 years. The winery was started in 2001 as a complement to the market and Brian Moreau has been the resident Oenologist (an expert on the science of winemaking) since the beginning.

Black Currant WineMoreau started making fruit wines over 25 years ago because his wife loved them. He quickly realized he has a passion and talent for the work. His expertise, combined with the exceptional fruit available from the farm soon translated into success. In their first year of production, the Downey family captured 11 top awards at the Canadian International Wine Challenge (CIWC), part of the 2002 Annual Toronto Wine & Cheese Show. And the awards keep rolling in – year after year.

Moreau works primarily in the manufacturing end of things, but likes to take an occasional shift working in the wine store. “I enjoy visiting with the customers as they try our wines… finding out what they like and what they don’t.” Moreau says, noting this attention to what the customers like helps direct him to what wines to develop next.

Framboise a Raspberry dessert wineHe also points out that a superb fruit wine depends on having fabulous fruit,  and with such a wide variety of luscious berries and tree fruit right on site, there’s no shortage of top quality ingredients and inspiration at the farm. While a small number of the wines are created using fruit that is not grown on the home farm those ingredients are still sourced within Ontario, keeping the ingredient list as “local” as possible.

Downey’s’ Estate Winery, and the Farm Market, will be open daily right up until December 24th.

You can visit their website here to find out more, but I’d really recommend dropping in to have a taste and choose the perfect wine for holiday gift giving or your own table.

About the author

Shelly Sargent

Shelly works for a local non-profit agency dedicated to strengthening families. An artist, she is happiest when being creative.  She strives to live a green life, eat locally & support those who support others in her community.