The Key to a Bright New Future

Maureen Bruce with Sold sign
Written by Shelly Sargent

After beginning her career in the law department of an oil company working on highway leases, Maureen Bruce moved to a Toronto law firm doing commercial and residential subdivision work and eventually working for a local lawyer.

Her switch from real estate law clerk to real estate sales came about when her body rebelled against the long hours behind a desk. A chance encounter with the manager of a local real estate brokerage in the late 1990’s provided a solution to her problem and in her own words “I have never been happier.”

As her career progressed Maureen realized how much she was enjoying working with seniors. She acted on that realization 3 years ago by taking an extensive course to obtain her Seniors’ Real Estate Specialist designation. The SRES training enhances understanding of issues, priorities and communication relating to counselling seniors facing real estate decisions. “It is a definite asset in today’s busy seniors market” she confirms.

The Caledon Realtor loves the diversity of her job, and has many memorable stories. She smiles as she relates the time she took an 83-year old woman to view a bungalow in a seniors’ community. “As we entered the home, the client suddenly stopped in the centre of the living room.” Maureen asked her what was on her mind at that moment and she quietly replied “I want to buy this house.”  She explained to Maureen that “…it spoke to me” and said she knew it was her new home from the time they opened the front door.

Maureen’s other love is working with first-time buyers, and she finds great satisfaction in the process of walking clients through their purchase and handing them that key at the end. She notes that different markets can create a vast difference in the overall experience for everyone, pointing out that the bidding wars that resulted from the recent seller’s’ market has discouraged many buyers after they lose out on a few.

“That tide has now turned, as it often does in real estate, and what we are experiencing now is more of a buyer’s’ market” she explains. “This means more inventory to choose from, continued low interest rates and the opportunity for buyers to make thoughtful informed decisions without the heightened stress associated with bidding wars and low home inventory.”

Maureen’s Broker, Sarah Fleming, actively works with her associates, keeping them updated on the market and constantly reminding them that – in real estate – there are no grey areas… everything is black and white.

Maureen prefers to work in areas she is familiar and feels that is beneficial to clients. Accordingly, she will often refer clients to another realtor if they are looking to purchase in other parts of the province.

She feels it is important to spend quality time with her buyers and sellers and recognizes that this devotion requires serious time management skills. And she hates disappointing her family by missing out on time with them. So she works very hard at managing her time so she can avoid doing so.

The busy Realtor recognizes the importance of nurturing work relationships and keeping her name top of mind. She happily and enthusiastically dedicates time, energy and resources on her clients, current and past.

The rewards Maureen has experienced from her career over the past almost twenty years have included smiles and tears of happiness as well as huge thank you’ s from both buyers and sellers. “I take great pride and satisfaction in helping buyers find just what they were looking for and enabling sellers to move on to their next stage of life.” she beams.

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Shelly Sargent

Shelly works for a local non-profit agency dedicated to strengthening families. An artist, she is happiest when being creative.  She strives to live a green life, eat locally & support those who support others in her community.