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Free Flights for Females at Brampton Flight Centre

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Written by Patti Foley

Ladies, we need to take it to the next level! It is widely recognized that female pilots only comprise about 6% of all Commercial Pilots. For this reason, the Brampton Flight Centre is participating in the Women Of Aviation Fly it Forward Challenge as we are providing free first flight experiences to females.

Our goal is to encourage girls and women to consider aviation as a hobby or a career and improve gender balance in the industry.

The Brampton Flight Centre (BFC) invites all girls and females who have never flown in a small aircraft before to Take Flight! The flights and ground school are FREE!

March 11, 2018 10:00 am -4:00 pm

Brampton Flight Centre
13691 McLaughlin Road

  • 20 minute flight over the Caledon hills (3 per aircraft depending on weight).
  • 30 minute introductory ground school, covering the highlights of a career in aviation and the steps to get there.
  • Light refreshments

Register for this free event here

Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week (WOAW) is a global outreach initiative that takes place annually during the week of March 8, anniversary date of the world’s first female pilot license since 1910 and International Women’s Day since 1914.

The week aims to raise awareness of aviation opportunities among girls of all ages while celebrating the accomplishments of past and present women of aviation.

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